Frequently Asked Questions for the UPMC KingMed Digital Pathology Consultation Portal

1Q.) How long will it take to receive a diagnosis using the UPMC Digital Pathology Consultation Portal?

  1. Using the UPMC Digital Pathology Consultation Portal enables our pathologists to provide a much faster turnaround time when additional material is not needed. Under most circumstances, we will render a diagnosis within one day — 72 hours upon receipt of the consultation request through a comprehensive surgical pathology report with interpretative comment focused on key differential diagnostic and therapeutic observations.

2Q.)  How do I receive my completed pathology report?

  1. You will receive an e-mail indicating that the consultation has been completed. The pathology report document is created dynamically when you log into your account to review the final diagnosis. You will be able to print your completed report at your convenience or save it locally from the web site. You will not automatically receive a hard copy printed report at the time of completion.

3Q.)  Can I cancel my request? 

  1. Once your request has been accepted and the services have begun, you cannot cancel your request. Please let us know if there are extenuating circumstances by contacting us via e-mail at or by telephone at +1-412-647-9170.

4Q.) Can I request “stat” processing?

  1. “STAT” processing is not available through the UPMC Pathology Digital Consultation Portal at this time. If you require special handling of your specimen, visit our website at and we will do our best to accommodate your request.   

5Q.) What services are not available by using the UPMC Digital Pathology Consultation Portal?

  1. At this time, hematopathology cases cannot be accepted using the UPMC Digital Pathology Consultation Portal.

6Q.)  I am having problems logging on and/or submitting my request. Who do I contact?

  1. For support with this application or to report problems or issues, please contact or call +1-412-647-9170. Please include “Telepathology Consultation Service” in your report or via e-mail. 

7Q.)  What type of software is required to submit images using the UPMC Digital Pathology Consultation Portal? 

  1. The Telepathology portal was designed and tested for Internet Explorer 7 or higher. We have also tested it with Mozilla-compliant browsers, but we cannot guarantee that it will work for every Mozilla browser available.

8Q.)  How is the information that I submit protected?

  1. All data is encrypted for transmission via https.  We also strictly enforce all HIPAA guidelines for storage and display of Personal Health Information (PHI).